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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: 7 Creative Pumpkins to Inspire You

It’s amazing how creative people have gotten with their pumpkin decorating.  I’ve seen everything from spooky pumpkins to character themed pumpkins to glitz and glam.

People have really taken their pumpkin decorating ideas to new levels.

And I would have loved to share them all with you.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

But I did not let that stop me from sharing just a few of the most beautiful pumpkins I have found on the web.  Here is a highlight of these pumpkins.

Want to follow the tradition and say “trick or treat”?  Or do you have another phrase in mind?

Happy Halloween, maybe?


Well whatever it is, you can do it with vinyl lettering!  Lia Griffith can show you how.

Follow the tutorial to create your own pumpkin.

Monogram It!  That’s what the unOriginalMom did.  And it looks fabulous!

All with just 3 supplies. That’s right with 3 supplies!  Glitz and glam fabulous.

Look at these herringbone white and gold pumpkins!

Take your pumpkin to the new heights by following the tutorial found on Lovely Indeed for these pretty pumpkins.

Look at this pumpkin by A Pumpkin and A Princess.

Do you see how the witch hat takes this pumpkin design to the next level?

Simply boo-tiful!

Don’t miss you chance in creating this glammed out, witch themed pumpkin that will have your guests saying ooh instead of boo.

Get more details here.

What an eye-catching pumpkin!  The fresh white flowers designed into the shape of a moon on the black pumpkin makes a bold statement.

You almost can’t take your eyes off of it.

Want to know how she did it?  Get a sneak peek over at The Merry Thought.

So at this point,  there is nothing left for me to say but happy pumpkin decorating.


How do you plan to decorate your pumpkin? 

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