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Plastic Bag Storage: 4 Clever Ways to Organize Plastic Bags

So your stock of plastic bags have gotten out of hand?  One saved from Target.  Two saved from Kroger.  Three saved from Walmart.  And so forth and so forth.  Growing into an unsightly mess.

But you need them.

What if I told you that you can have the best of both worlds?

A stockpile of plastic bags +  A neat and orderly way to keep them

Ah… music begins to play.  Doves fly.  A marriage made in heaven.

Really it’s possible.  Look at this roundup of DIY ways to say goodbye in the most creative ways.

1. Decorative Plastic Bag Storage Container

DIY Plastic Bag Storage Container, plastic bag storage, plastic bag container, plastic bag holder

Can you believe this plastic bag container was made out of an oatmeal canister?

Yes it was! 

And on ONEKRIEGERCHICK, the step by step procedures were provided for you to create a plastic bag container just like it.

How cool is that?

Really cool, right?

2. Tissue Box Plastic Bag Storage

Plastic Bag Storage, plastic bag container, plastic bag holder

Are you down to the last tissue in the tissue box?  Well… don’t toss it away.  Let it help you create this plastic bag storage found on This Simple Home.  Go ahead!  Try it!

3. DIY Grocery Bag Holder

Grocery Bag Holder, plastic bag holder, plastic bag container

Have you had a soda lately?

A 2 liter bottle?

You did?

Do you know that you could have already had your plastic bag holder?

Don’t worry because you will still have your chance after drinking your next 2 liter bottle of soda.

Just remember to head over to i Save A to Z to found out how.

It’s pretty clever.

Shall I ask it?  I guess I will.  

Great DIYs, right?

It seems any option chosen could be a winner.  So go check them out and decide if one of these is an option for you.

4. Nextep Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser

If the DIYs are not quite what you’ve been looking for, consider the Nextep Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser.

While I do not have one of these, DIY route for me, this plastic bag holder and dispenser has been chosen by many people.

Maybe because it holds up to 60 plastic bags.   Or maybe because the designs are eye-catching.  Or maybe it’s because it boasts to hold grocery bags, plastic bags, and shopping bags.  Who knows?   But it seems like a viable option.

Take a look to see if it’s right for you.

What way do you have for taming those plastic bags?


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