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9 Outdoor Activities for Kids: Goodbye Boredom Blues

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Have you heard “I’m so bored” one too many times from your children?  With no boundaries and a healthy dose of vitamin D, these outdoor activities for kids may just be what the doctor order to kick your kids’ boredom blues. 

Turn those frowns into smiles and make it a fun-filled day.  Get started on one of these activities.

1. Nature Hunt Bingo

Grab a board from bitzngiggles, get the kids, and let the search begin.

Spot beautiful butterflies. Pick up gray rocks. But watch out for the bees and ants!

Nature Hunt Bingo

2. Ride a bike

Why stay cooped up inside? Let the kids enjoy a classic pastime. Get the helmets out and let them ride until their hearts are content.  Or until you say it’s time to come in.

3. Sidewalk Chalk

The fun can be endless. Grab a box of sidewalk chalk and let your little artist come to life.

Who knows what will be drawn!  A city, balloons, or shapes.

You can even join in on the fun. Turn this outdoor activity into a learning activity.

But… please don’t stop the fun.

Just come up with a game with numbers or letters. Watch the smiles begin.

Sidewalk Simon - Colors of the Rainbow Learning Activity

4.  Giant Bubble Wand & Solution

Okay, let me start by saying we love bubbles at my house.

Innerchild Fun has provided us with an even bigger reason to love bubbles.

They have a tutorial to show us how to make the Giant Bubble Wand.  And Toddler Approved has the tutorial to make the giant bubble solution!

Giant Bubble

5. Park

Kids Rule! Let the kids decide what to do. Playgrounds usually provide all the entertainment needed: swing sets, jungle gyms, trails, splash pads, tracks for biking.

6. Wagon Ride

Have you ever noticed how fun one little wagon can be?

Kids pull friends around.

They collect things along the way and move from place to place.

They even get to enjoy a few rides themselves.

7. Tag

Tag, you’re it! No equipment required. Nothing but laughter, running, and fun for everyone.

8. Obstacle Course

Do you have a superhero in training? Or the next American Ninja Warrior? Or just an active kid who loves challenges?

An obstacle course may be just the outdoor activity you’re looking for.

Kids can practice their steadiness on the balance beam like the one shown here from I Can Teach My Child.

They can crawl through pool noodles.

Or they can jump hurdles.

Olympic Balance Beam

9. Read a Book

Does your child love a good book? Any favorites come to mind? Or did you child just receive a new book that you guys can enjoy?

Well… grab that book and go outside.

Find a nice spot to soak in some rays and read.


What outdoor activities for kids do you have to kick those boredom blues?

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