Juice Bag or Box Spills: 1 Quick Way to Reduce the Spills

Juice Bag or Box Spills, juice box holder, juice bag spill, juice box spill

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Juice box got your little one again?  Zoom, with one touch.  Wet sleeve.  A few drops on the front of the shirt.  Making a dash to the floor.

Cut Scene 1.

And Action!  Scene 2.

You’re rushing around.  Grab a new shirt.  Change the shirt.  Grab the cleaner.  Cleanup the juice.

And Scene!

What happened?


Dry sleeve.  Clean shirt.  Dry floors.  All’s good.  Everything is A-okay.  Hi-five for the good times.

Enter the juice box

Your kid smiles.  Takes a sip and says, “Ummm this taste good”.  And you smile because your child is happy.  And this time you’ve entered with your secret weapon.

No, it is not a mop.

No, it is not a sponge.

No, it’s not an apron.

What can it be?

juice box holder, juice bags and box holder

Still can’t figure it out? 

Sounds like it’s game time!

You:  Alex, may I have kids drinks for $800?

Alex: It’s the juice box BFF.

It’s there doing the good times and supportive doing the bad. 

It’s dishwasher safe.

It can be purchased in a variety of counts.

It fits small hands.

It has received rave reviews such as “perfect”, “useful”, and “four stars”.

You:  What is the 2-PACK Mommys Helper Juice Box Buddies Holder for Juice Bags and Boxes, Colors May Vary

2-PACK Mommys Helper Juice Box Buddies Holder for Juice Bags and Boxes, Colors May Vary

Alex:  Correct!

Yes!  You answered it correctly.  How cool!

If giving up the juice bag or box is not an option, why not have something that can take worrying from front and center?

Now, I’m not saying that it won’t happen again.  Nope!   But saying “be careful” can be reduced. Certainly, that can count for something.  LOL!

So finally I ask, holder or no holder?

juice bag spills, juice box spills, juice box holder, juice bag holder

What way do you have to avoid those juice bag or box spills?


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