Christmas Activity: Creating a Family Memory that Will Last A Lifetime

    Oh the joys of the season. Christmas trees are beautifully lit. Christmas lights are shining bright. And the snowman, Rudolph, and even Mickey Mouse are beaming from front lawns. It’s just magical. Truly magical. It really puts a sparkle in the kids’ eyes and a warmth in our hearts. So I thought why not add one more thing to make the season bright. How about a Christmas themed activity with the kids? Here How it Works: 1) Choose a Christmas Song 2) Choose a Christmas treat 3) Choose a Christmas Activity For X number of days, set aside time to sing the Christmas carol, eat the treat and do the Christmas…

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    Alphabet Activities: 9 Fun Letter Recognition Activities

    We all love the alphabet song.  We sing it slow.  We sing it fast.  We clap our hands.  And we even dance around. And before long, we’re on our fifth round of “Who Wants to be an Alphabet Singer”. Really, it’s hard to stop!  ‘Cause the song is cool.  It’s catchy.  And it brings joy every time we sing it.