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Alphabet Activities: 9 Fun Letter Recognition Activities

We all love the alphabet song.  We sing it slow.  We sing it fast.  We clap our hands.  And we even dance around.

And before long, we’re on our fifth round of “Who Wants to be an Alphabet Singer”.

Really, it’s hard to stop!  ‘Cause the song is cool.  It’s catchy.  And it brings joy every time we sing it.

But friends, we have to move on.

I know.  Don’t be sad.  We can always come back to it.

But for now, let’s explore other ways to have fun practicing the alphabet.

1.  Hidden Letter

hidden letter printable, activities for kids, kids activities, learn the alphabet

Worksheets are the best when looking for a calm activity for the kids. This worksheet by Typically Simple doesn’t seem to be any different, at least for the calm activity part. ‘Cause who knows how the kids will act when they discover the hidden surprise, a letter.

See what will happen.

With crayons on deck and this handy dandy worksheet, get started on an afternoon of letter recognition.

2.  Alphabet Kaboom Preschool Game

Alphabet Kaboom Preschool Game, kid activities, activities for kids, learn the alphabet

Kaboom!  (normal voice)

Kaboom!  (a little louder)

Kaboom!  (just a tad bit louder)

Kaboom!  (scream)

The kids will get a kick out of saying it.  Boy, the fun.

First, pull a ‘M’.  Second, pull a ‘K’.  Five minutes pass and then…

Well… you will have to head over to “The Many Little Things” to find out what possibly happened.

Just know fun is in store with this game of letter recognition.

3. Puzzle

Yes, the ever so classic puzzle.  It’s a great way to practice letter recognition and gain a few extra skills too.

It offers benefits such as fine tuning motor skills, development of social skills and so much more.

So grab a Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle and start the fun.

4.  Driveway ABC Game

 driveway abc, kid activities, activities for kids, learn the alphabet , alphabet activity

Now if you’re looking for something that is a little more active, Driveway ABC shown on Creative Family Fun may be your game.

Sidewalk chalk to the rescue!

Roll the dice on this fabulous fun.

5.  Outdoor Alphabet Match

outdoor alphabet match, kid activities, activities for kids, alphabet activity, learn the alphabet

If sidewalk chalk has come to your rescue but the dice rolled away, don’t fret.  There’s another way to provide some letter recognition fun. Fishing!

Yes, I said fishing.

Not for bass or trout but for letters. It’s letter recognition!

I know you had the answer, but I was just trying to be dramatic.  LOL!

6.  Feed the Shark Alphabet Game

feed the shark alphabet game, kid activities, activity for kids, learn the alphabet

Normally, I would have said oh no, but this Feed the Shark game is just too cute.  I can imagine the kiddos eagerly wanting to feed the shark.

“What letter momma?  What letter momma?”

Want to hear it for yourself?

Toddler Approved can get you on your way.

7.  Alphabet Car Wash Sensory Bin

alphabet games activities for toddlers, kid activities, activities for kids, learn the alphabet

Don’t let a little mess keep you from having a fun time like Parenting Chaos.

Create this sensory bin.  Who cares about the mess?  Before you ask, no I’m not coming to clean the mess.   LOL!

Just take this one of the chin because we know it’s for a good reason, learning.

8.  Alphabet Matching Activity with Lego Duplo Blocks

letter matching with legos, kid activities, activities for kids, learn the alphabet

They’ve built a bridge.  They’ve built a building.  Pretty much your little ones have formed everything imaginable.

Now it’s your turn to get in on the fun with this Alphabet Matching Activity with Lego Duplo Blocks.  Let Pre-K Pages show you how.

Soon you will be on your way to a fun time of letter recognition.

9.  Dump Truck Alphabet Rocks Activity

Dump Truck Alphabet Rocks Activity, kid activities, activities for kids, learn the alphabet

Dump trucks on site.  Dump trucks on site.  Beep.  Beep.

The alphabet rocks need to be moved.  But you can only move them if you follow the details found on Mom Inspired Life.

Think letter recognition. Got it?  Of course you do.


9 Fun Letter Recognition Activities

Letter recognition can be fun.  Now not only do you have the alphabet song in your deck of cards, but you have some amazing new activities the kids would also love.

Learning + Fun = Success 

What activity do you have for practicing the alphabet?


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